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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Baby Girl Names ~ M - Z


Ma as-sama Female A noble hearted, generous lady, daughter of al-Muzaffar, had this name; she built a religious school.
Ma'isah Walking with a proud, swinging gait.
Maahnoor Glow of Moon.
Madaniyah Civilised, cultured.
Madeeha Praiseworty.
Madhat Praise.
Madia Praiseworthy.
Madiha Praiseworthy.
Madihah Praiseworthy.
Maha Large eyes.
Maha Moon like.
Mahasin Beauty.
Mahbasah A narrator of Hadith.
Mahdiya Rightly Guided By Allah
Maheera Highly skilled, Expert.
Mahek Fragrance.
Mahfuzah The protected one.
Mahirah Adept, Expert.
Mahjabeen Powerful.
Mahneera First born of a pair
Mahneerah First born of a pair.
Mahnoor Light of the moon.
Mahreen Bright and Beautiful as the sun.
Mahrosh Piece of moon, pleasant.
Mahrukh Face like a moon, beautiful.
Mahtob Moonlight.
Mahum Moon's Light.
Mahveen Light of the Sun.
Mahvish Moon-face.
Mahwish Beautiful like the moon.
Mahwush As beautiful as the Moon
Maida Beautiful.
Maira Moon.
Maisarah Wealth, Richness.
Maisha Pretty .
Majidah Glorious, noble, respected
Makhtooma Name of a female singer of the past.
Makhtoonah Name of a singer and a beautiful lady of the past.
Malaika Angel.
Malaikah Angel.
Malak Angel.
Malayeka Angel.
Maleehah Salty, Graceful, Brownish colour.
Maliha Beautiful.
Malika Queen.
Malikah e Queen.
Malmal Soft.
Manahel Special flower.
Manahil Spring of fresh water.
Manale Attainment, achievement.
Manar Guiding light (lighthouse).
Manfoosah Female She was the daughter of Abu Yazid bin Abu al-Firwaris; a very pious woman, she wept often for fear of Allah.
Manha Gift of Allah.
Manhalah Spring.
Mansurah Supporter, victorious.
Maqboolah A noted woman of the past had this name; Maqboolah Hanim.
Marah Happiness, joy
Maram Aspiration.
Mardhiah One who is loved and respected by all.
Marhabah Welcome. Add
Maria One of the wifes' of the prophet Muhammed (p.b.u.h).
Mariam Mother of Isa (Jesus). Add
Maridah A slave girl of Haroon Rashid had this name.
Mariya Purity.
Mariyah Oryx, Addax.
Marjanah Precious stone.
Marnia Wealthy in every aspect
Marwa A mountain in mekkah.
Maryum Mother of Isa (A.S).
Masabeeh Lamps, Lights.
Mashaal Light, bright.
Mashal Light.
Mashel Light
Mashoodah Female Evidenced.
Masooma Female Innocent.
Masoomah Female Innocent.
Mastura Protected.
Masumah Innocent.
Mateenah Firm, Solid, determined.
Mawahib Talents.
Mawara Superior.
Mawiya Old arabic name.
Mawiyah The mirror
Maya Princess.
Mayameen The blessed, the brave
Mayeda e The fruits of heaven, the cloth on which you eat in Heaven, The suraah Mayeda in the Quran.
Maymunah Auspicious, Blessed.
Maysa To walk with a proud, swinging gait.
Maysam The pollen in the flower, honey, sweet.
Maysoon Beautiful face & body.
Maysun Of beautiful face and body.
Mayyadah To walk with a swinging gait.
Maznah Glorius.
Mazneen Shining of gold.
Medina Holy city of Saudi Arabia
Meem The Arabic letter 'M' or 'Mim'.
Meena Light.
Mehak Fragrance
Mehek Smell, fragrance.
Meher Benevolence.
Meheroon Charming
Meherunissa Benevolent
Mehjabeen Beautiful as the moon, beloved person.
Mehmuda Beautiful garden in medinah
Mehnaz Prouded like a moon.
Mehndi Beautiful colour.
Mehnoor Light of the moon
Mehr Full Moon.
Mehreen Loving nature.
Mehriban Kind, Gentle.
Mehrish Wonderfull smell(mehak).
Mehrnaz Kindness and sweetness.
Mehrunisa Pretty woman
Mehvesh Light of the moon.
Mehvish Bright Star.
Mehwish Moon, beautiful.
Memoona Gladful.
Menaal Special flower of heaven.
Mersiha The most beautiful.
Mevish Strong.
Meymona Good Fortune.
Mid'haa Appreciate.
Midhaa Appreciate.
Midhah Praise.
Mina Light.
Minaal To reach your destination.
Minal Gift, achievement.
Minnah Mercy, gift from Allah.
Misba Innocent
Misha Beautiful, Pretty
Mishall A light, beautiful, pretty.
Mishel A Light.
Miskeenah Humble.
Mobena Cool.
Mohaddisa Story teller.
Mohga The light of happiness.
Mohsina Righteous.
Momina Faithful, Truly Believing
Mona Wish, desire
Monera Shinning light, or guiding light.
Mouna Water.
Mounia A wish or dream come true.
Mounira It's shining.
Muazah She was a narrator of hadith
Mubarakah Blessed.
Mubashirah Bringer of good news.
Mubassirah One who comments.
Mubeenah One who makes something clear.
Muhsinah Charitable and kind.
Muizza The empowerer, the honourer, the strengthener.
Mumina Lovely, sweet girl.
Muna Water.
Munawar Bright
Munazzah Sacred, clean, honest.
Muneeba Beautiful.
Muneerah Splendid, bright shine of light, illuminous.
Munerah Illuminating, Shining.
Muniba To consult with Allah, diverted toward Allah.
Munira Light, sunshine.
Munisa Gentle, friendly
Munize One who brings good luck.
Muqadaas Holy, Pure.
Muqbalah Name of a narrator of Hadith.
Murdiyyah Chosen one.
Murshidah Guide.
Musaddiqah One who affirms the Truth.
Musaykah She narrated hadith from Sayyidina Ayshah.
Mushira Advisor, Guide.
Muskaan Smile.
Muskan Smile, Happy.
Muslimah Devout believer.
Mussah She narrated Hadith.
Mussaret Happiness.
Musta'eenah One who prays for help.
Mutahharah Purified, chaste.
Mutazah A narrator of Hadith.
Muzaynah Adornment.
Muznah The cloud that carries the rain.
Myreen Same as Mahreen.
Mysha Happy for entire life.


Na'eemah Joyful.
Na'ilah Acquirer, obtainer, winner.
Na'imah Comfort, tranquillity
Naa'irah Bright, Shining.
Naailah Some thing special
Naajidah Courage.
Naazneen Beautiful.
Naba Great News.
Nabeeha Intelligent.
Nabeelah Noble.
Nabiha Honest.
Nabihah Intelligent, noble, eminent.
Nabijah Ambitious, Leader and Brave.
Nabila Happiness, generosity.
Nabilah Noble, magnanimous.
Nada Generosity, dew
Nadeen Hope.
Nadesh Hope.
Nadia Hope.
Nadira Presious and rare.
Nadirah Rare, precious.
Nadiyah Caller, announcer.
Nadra Rare, unique.
Nadyne Flower
Naeema Ease, blessing.
Nafeesa Precious.
Nafeesah Precious gem.
Nafiah Profitable.
Nafisah Precious gem.
Nageen Precious stone
Nageenah Precious Stone.
Nagheen Pearl.
Nagina Diamond.
Nahal Small Plant.
Naheed Honorable.
Naheeda Beautiful
Nahida Elevated, delightful.
Nahleejah Down to earth, cool.
Naifah This was the name of a well-known, woman loved by the masses for her kindness and generosity, her advice was sought by the people in different affairs.
Nailah One who succeeds.
Naima Powerful, strong minded person.
Naimah Tranquility
Nain Eye.
Naina Eyes.
Najaf City in iraq
Najah Success, safety.
Najat Female Safety, Security. Add
Najdah Courage, bravery
Najibah Of noble birth, distinguished.
Najidah Succour, Help.
Najihah Victory.
Najiyah Safe.
Najla Of wide eyes.
Najma A Star, in middle of a group of stars.
Najmah Star.
Najmiyyah Star.
Najwa Confidential talk, secret conversation.
Nakhat Fragrance
Nakia Pure, faithful.
Namra Delicious water.
Namyla Quiet, Serious.
Naqeebah Leader, Head, Chief.
Naraiman Pious angel.
Nargis Narcissus
Narmin A flower, delicate, soft, slender.
Naseeka Nusuk (arabic sacrifice), piece of gold.
Naseemah Breeze. 
Naseerah Helper.
Nasha Scent, perfume.
Nasheed Beautiful one.
Nasheelah Honey comb.
Nashema Wise, Blossom.
Nashirah Publisher, Diffuser; Spreader.
Nashitah Active, energetic.
Nashmia Garden of flowers.
Nashwa Elated, flushed.
Nasifah Just, equitable.
Nasiha Advice
Nasihah Advisor.
Nasimah Gentle breeze, zephyr.
Nasira Glowing star. 
Nasirah Female Helper, protector. 
Nasra Helper.
Nasreen Wild Rose.
Nasrin Blue scented flower.
Nasrullah Victory of Allah.
Natara Guardian.
Natasha Strong.
Nathifa Pure, Clean.
Naureen Bright light.
Naurus Bird in Arabic.
Naushaba Elixir
Nausheen Sweet, pleasant, agreeable.
Naushin Sweet.
Naveda Glad things.
Naveen New, Excellent, Something that is better than the rest.
Navil To be blessed.
Nawal Gift
Nawar Flower.
Naweed Good news.
Nawel Gift.
Nawlah She was a narrator of Hadith
Nawwal Gift.
Nayila Queen of river Nile.
Nayyab Very Rare, Exclusive.
Nayyirah Luminary.
Nazahah Purity, righteousness, honesty.
Nazanin Beautiful, pretty
Nazeefah Clean.
Nazeeha Honest.
Nazeerah Warner.
Nazia Pride.
Nazimah Administrator
Nazindah Name of a liberal woman of Baghdad who founded a religious school
Nazirah Observer, supervisor.
Nazish Fragrance, Proud.
Nazli This was the name of an intelligent, learned woman who had command over different languages, Turkish, Arabic, French, English and was an expert in different fields.
Nazma Star.
Nazmin Light.
Nazneen Beautiful.
Nazraana Gift.
Nazuk Female Delicate. 
Neelam Female Sapphire. 
Neelofer Female Lotus, Water Lily. 
Neeshad Female Cheerful. 
Neeya Female A Desire For Something. 
Neha Female Love, rain. 
Nejat Female Freedom, stress free. 
Nelam Female Precious stone. 
Nelofar Female Lotus, Water lily. 
Nesrin A field of wild roses.
Nevaeh Heaven, peace, angels.
Ni'ja Saved One
Ni'mah Blessing, loan, favour.
Nida Call.
Nidaa Call.
Nidda Call.
Nigar Beautiful.
Nighat Vision, sight.
Nijah Success.
Nilofar Waterlily.
Nilofer Wild Mountain Rose.
Nimah Blessing, Loan, Favor.
Nimat Blessing.
Nimerah Tigeress, beauty, strength, modesty, power.
Nimra Soft, Lion.
Nimrah Pure, clean.
Nina Gracious One.
Nisa Women.
Nisha Whole World.
Nishat Happiness
Nisreen Flower.
Nissa Female Ladylike.
Noor Jehan An Indian Queen had this name.
Noor-Al-Haya Light of my life.
Noor-ul-ann Light.
Noorie Light.
Nooriya Light.
Noorjahan Light of the world.
Nora Light.
Norah Light
Noreen Lovable, bright.
Norhan Light.
Noriza Light of contentment
Noshaba Elixir, water of life.
Nosheen Sweet Thing.
Noureen Light
Nu'aymah Name of a narrator of hadith
Nudbah Lament, Scar; Mark.
Nudrat Singularity.
Nuha Intelligence.
Nuhaa Intelligent.
Numa Beautiful and pleasant
Nura The light, e.g. nurul islam, the light of islam.
Nurah Light.
Nurayda Intelligence
Nuriya Light.
Nuriyah Light.
Nurjenna Light of Paradise.
Nuryn Light.
Nusaybah One with good lineage.
Nusrah Helpful. Nusrat Help, Victory.
Nuwayla Archiver.
Nuwaylah Winner.
Nuzhah Excursion spot
Nuzhat Cheerfulness.
Nyasia Most beautiful one.
Nyla Winner, Achiever
Nyla Archiever.


Saadia Lucky.
Saadiya Flower
Saaleha Flower.
Saaliha Pure pios and devoted.
Saarah Happy, pure
Saba Sheba.
Sabburah Very patient, enduring.
Sabeen Cool breeze of the morning.
Sabeeyah Baby girl.
Sabiha Beautiful.
Sabihah Beautiful, graceful.
Sabina Flower.
Sabiqah Past.
Sabirah Patient, perseverant.
Sabreen Patience, endurance.
Sabrin Patience
Sabriyah Patient, preservant.
Sabuhi Morning Star
Sadaf Shell, Oyster, Pearl.
Sadia Lucky
Sadiah Good luck.
Sadiqa Honest, truthful
Sadiqah Truthful, sincere.
Sadiyah Blessed.
Sadoof Name of a poetess.
Saeedah Fortunate, Auspicious.
Safa e Clarity, purity of mind, serenity.
Safeerah Messenger; Ambassador.
Saffiya Female Best freind.
Safia Pure.
Safiyya Best friend.
Safiyyah Untroubled, serene, pure, best friend.
Safoorah Wife of Prophet Musa (A.S).
Safwah An Arab feminine name
Safwana A Shining Star, Rock.
Sageda Sageda is ...
Sagheerah Short.
Saharish Cool and fresh breeze of morning.
Sahibah Colleague.
Sahirah Wakeful.
Sahlah Easy, convenient.
Sahrish Sunrise.
Saibah She was a narrator of hadith
Saida Most Beautiful, unmatched, friendly.
Saidah Happy, fortunate.
Saila Sunshine
Saima Keeps fasts.
Saimah Fasting.
Saiqa Lightning
Saira Happy.
Sairah One who travels.
Sairish Magic, flower
Sajidah Prostrating to Allah.
Sakeenah Calm, quiet and tranquil.
Sakina She was a narrator of Hadith
Sakinah Allah-inspired peace of mind.
Saleemah Healthy, Sound
Saleena Moon.
Salifah Previous.
Salihah Good, useful, righteous, devout.
Salikah Following; Mystic.
Salimah Sound, safe, healthy.
Salma Peaceful.
Salmaa Peaceful.
Salsabil A fountain in Paradise.
Salwa Solace, quail, comfort.
Samaa Sky.
Samah Generosity.
Samaira Enchanting.
Samar Evening conversation
Samara Soft pleasant light, She was a narrator of hadith.
Samarah Female A narrator of Hadith.
Sameea Female One who listens.
Sameeha Female Generous blessing of Allah. 
Sameen Female Precious. 
Sameena Female A big forest in paradise. 
Sameenah Female Overweight, fat. 
Samera Female Enchanting. 
Sameya Female Pure. 
Samia Female Exalted, noble, much praised. 
Samiah Forgivness or forgiver.
Samina Precious, Generous
Samira Call.
Samirah Entertaining female companion.
Samiun The Hearing.
Samiya To hear.
Samiyah Elevated, exalted, lofty.
Sammar Fruit
Samra Pure, promise, fruit
Samrah Name of a fruit, written in the Quran 24 times
Samrina Flower or fruit.
Sana Resplendence, brilliance; to gaze, look
Sanam Beloved.
Sanari Sweet and Beautiful
Sanaubar Cone bearing tree.
Sanika Strong minded, warm hearted.
Saniya Moment in time.
Saniyah She was a narrator of Hadith.
Saniyya Radiant, bright.
Sanjeedah Serious.
Sara Princess.
Sarah Pure, Happy.
Sarah Princess.
Sarina Peace.
Sarish Morning.
Sarra She was a female companion.
Sarrinah Beautiful, companion of prophet (S.A.W).
Sarwari Chief.
Sarwat Wealth, Power, Influence.
Sarwath Wealth, riches.
Savaira Morning.
Sawdah A wife of the Prophet (S.A.W).
Sawsan Lily. Add
Sayyidah Chief.
Seem Female Name of a flower.
Seemeen Female Name of some women.
Seerat Female Inner beauty, fame
Seham Female Arrows.
Seher Female Beautiful sunshine of the sun and day
Sehr Female Sunrise
Sehrish Female The sunrise.
Selina Female Moon, Salty.
Senada Female Graceful, heavenly
Senait Female Good Luck.
Shabana Female Famous.
Shabeehah Female Picture, Image, Like
Shabina Female The eye of the storm.
Shabnam Female Dew.
Shadha Female Aromatic.
Shadmani Female Joy, happiness.
Shafana Female Integrity and Virtuous.
Shafaq Female Dawn. Redness in the sky at sunset
Shafath Female Curing or healing people.
Shafeeqah Female A compassionate kind hearted friend.
Shafia Female Mercy.
Shafiah Female Intercessor.
Shafiqah Female Compassionate, tender.
Shahada Female Bearing witness.
Shahana Female Queen.
Shaharun Female Honest, trustworthy.
Shahed Female Honey
Shaheema Female Smart, clever.
Shaheena Female Falcon.
Shaheenah Female Falcon.
Shaheerah Female Well-known.
Shahida Female Witness.
Shahidah Female Witness.
Shahina Female Princess.
Shahirah Female Renowned.
Shahla Female Dark flower, Dark grey eyes.
Shahmeen Female Princess.
Shahnaaz Female Pride of the king
Shahnaz Female Bride
Shahnoor Female Royal Glow
Shahreen Female Sweet.
Shahzaadee Female Princess.
Shahzana Female Princess married to a king
Shaila Female Small mountain.
Shaima Female Good natured.
Shairah Female Poetess
Shaista Female Polite. She desires support and encouragement in all her goals. Extremely dedicated and very intelligent.
Shaistah Female Polite, Courteous.
Shajarah Female Tree.
Shajee'ah Female Brave.
Shakeelah Female Comely, beautiful. Add
Shakila Female Pretty. Add
Shakirah Female Thankful, grateful.
Shakurah Female Grateful, very thankful.
Shalimar Female Beautiful & Strong
Shama Female Lamp.
Shamailah Female Good traits excellent disposition.
Shamama Female Fragrance.
Shamamah Female Fragrance.
Shameemah Female A fragrant breeze.
Shameena Female Beautiful.
Shamila One of friendly and likable nature.
Shamim Sweet, light fragrance.
Shamima Fragrant breeze.
Shamis The sun.
Shamoodah Female Diamond.
Shamsa Sunshine.
Shamsia Beautiful, Shining Star, One and only
Shanaz Pride of King
Shanika Good.
Shanum Allahs blessing, dignity.
Shanza Woman of diginity.
Shanzay Princess.
Shanze Rose.
Shaqeeqah Real sister.
Sharayah Poetress.
Shareekah Partner.
Shareen Sweet.
Sharifah Noble, honoured, distinguished.
Shariqah Shining.
Sharleez Beautiful.
Sharmeen Shy.
Sharmin Modesty.
Shasmeen Very beautiful, a heart of gold , trustworthy, an angel , perfect.
Shatha She was a narrator of Hadith.
Shayla Little mountain.
Shayma Having a beauty spot.
Shazana Princess.
Shazfa Success
Shazia Aromatic.
Shazmah Rare moon.
Shazmin White stone.
Shazneen The most beautiful flower.
Sheema Daughter of bibi haleema sadia who milked Muhammad (P.B.U.H) in his child hood.
Sheen Snow.
Sheenaz Beauty.
Shehla Kind of a flower.
Shehr bano Female Princess.
Shehzadi Female Princess.
Sheila Little mountain.
Shellah Truely, Kind person , Beautiful.
Sherana Sweet.
Shereen Sweet, kind hearted and beautiful.
Sheyla Pine tree.
Sheza Good (religious) girl.
Shezan Beautiful.
Shihaam Intelligent.
Shillan A flower.
Shimaz Beloved.
Shireen Sweet.
Shiya Exceptional.
Shiza A gift or present.
Shu'a Rays of Sun light.
Shuba Beautiful.
Shujana Brave, strong.
Shumaila Female Beautiful face.
Shumaisiya Town in Makkah where the pilgrims used to dorn their ehrams.
Shumaylah The first woman in Islam who wore coloured garments was shumaylah; wife of al-Abbas and she was also the first to prepare perfume; again the daughter of Ali bin Ibrahim was a narrator of Hadith, known by this name. Shumaysah She was a narrator of Hadith
Shurafa Noble.
Shurooq Dawn, Sunrise
Shyreen Referring to saafa and marwa.
Siddiqa Trustworthy, honest.
Siddiqah Strictly veracious, honest.
Siddra Like a Star.
Sidra Tree.
Sidrah Name of a tree.
Siham Arrows.
Simra Heaven, princess.
Simrah Jannat (heaven).
Sireen She was the daughter of Ibn Abdullah Ibn Masood and a narrator of Hadith from the Prophet (S.A.W), another narrator of Hadith by the same name was the sister of Mariah al-Qabtiyah; al-Maqooqus of Egypt had sent her to the Prophet (S.A.W) and he gave her to Hasan bin Thabit.
Sitarah Star.
Sitwat Someone with fame and respect.
Sobia Good and Noble Girl.
Sofia Beautiful.
Soha Star.
Sohana Dews on the grass.
Somaya Beautiful garden surrounded with roses and flowers.
Sonia Pretty, very beautiful.
Sophia Wisdom
Soraiya Princess.
Soraya Beautiful.
Sorfina Clean, neat, free from dirt.
Souhayla Star.
Su'ad Good fortune.
Suad Good fortune.
Subaha Beautiful.
Subayah Daughter of al-Harith al-Aslamiyah, she was a narrator of Hadith; She was the wife of Sad bin Khawlah.
Subbiha Clean, tidy.
Subhaan Praising Allah.
Subuhi The cold breeze of morning
Sudi She was a narrator of Hadith.
Sufia A person who follows Sufism - Clean heart
Sughra Small.
Suha of a star.
Suhaylah Smooth, soft, fluent, flowing.
Suhaymah Small arrow.
Suhayr Proper name.
Suheera Beautiful.
Suja Calmness, quitness.
Sukaina A young daughter of Imam Hussain who was martyred.
Sukaynah Calm, Quietude
Sulafah Choicest.
Sultana Leader, ruler, royalty.
Sulthana Queen.
Sumaira Brownish
Sumaiya Pure
Sumanah She was a narrator of Hadith.
Sumara Entertainer.
Sumayrah Brownish.
Sumaytah She was a companion.
Sumbul Frail, Delicate.
Sumera Princess
Sumia The one who listens.
Sumiya Beautiful.
Sumlina Morning Star
Summar Fruit, Gifts.
Summaya The first lady who obtained shahadat in Islam.
Summayyah First martyr of Islam
Sumnah Name of an Arab girl (FH).
Sumra Fruit, summer fruit
Sumrah Reward, gift, fruit of good deed.
Sundas Dress of heaven.
Sundus A fine silk which is used for clotheing in heaven
Sunya Sunshine, brightness.
Suraiya Polite.
Suraya Star.
Suwaydah She was a narrator of Hadith.
Suwera Morning.
Swiyyah Little one.


Ubah Flower.
Udaysah She was a narrator of Hadith.
Ugbaad Roses.
Ujala Light of the universe
Ulfah Friendship, harmony, love
Umaiza Bright, beautiful and soft hearted.
Umamah Proper name.
Umaymah Young mother.
Umaynah She was a narrator of Hadith.
Umayrah She was the daughter of Alqamah.
Umm Kulthum One with round face.
Umm-e-kulsum The mother of kulsum.
Ummayyah She was a narrator of Hadith
Umnia Gift.
Unaysah Friendly; Affable
Unaza The one and only.
Unsa Woman.
Uroosa Bride, happiness.
Urshia One who belongs in the skies.
Ushna Beautiful girl.
Uswa Sunnah, practice.
Utaybah A narrator of Hadith.
Uzma Greatest. aliqa Trustworthy.


Vardah Rose
Varisha Lightning.


Waajidah One who acheives her goals in life, loved, beloved.
Wabisa Something Bright.
Wafaa The faithful, loyal
Wafeeqah Successful.
Wafiqah Successful.
Wafiyah Loyal, faithful.
Wafiza Fresh air.
Wagma Morning breeze, dew. Wahabah Female This was the name of a poetess.
Wahibah Giver, donor.
Wahida Unique.
Wahidah Exclusive, unique.
Wahuj First light of day, Dawn, New Beginning.
Wajihah Eminent, distinguished.
Wakeelah Agent.
Walihah This was the name of a poetess.
Waliyah Princess.
Wania Gift of Allah (swt).
Waniya Pearl.
Warda Guardian, Protector.
Wardah Rose.
Wareesha Happiness.
Warizah Happiness, bubbly.
Warsan True news, wonderful news.
Waseefah Female Servant; Mid-in-waiting.
Waseemah Comely.
Washma Pretty. greatful, goodwish.
Wasifah One who describes.
Wasilah Inseparable friend.
Wasimah Graceful, pretty
Wasna A narrator of Hadith had this name.
Watiaa Beautiful.
Wazeera Minister; The daughter of Yahya bin Muhammad al-Hayuwi al-Tughli was so named; she was a narrator of Hadith
Widad Love, friendship.
Wijdan Sentiment.
Wisal Communion in love.
Wiyyam Truthful, loving.


Yalina Soft, gentle.
Yalqoot An early woman who gave much in charity.
Yamamah Female Valley in Arabia.
Yamina Right, Proper.
Yaminah Right and proper.
Yara Little Butterfly.
Yashal Freshness, greenry.
Yasmeenah Sweet-smelling flower. Among er work is a commentry on Surah al-Baqarah, she is mentioned by Salahuddin al-Safdi in his book as one of the distinguished people of Egypt. Add
Yasmin Jasmine flower.
Yasmina A beautiful flower that shines.
Yasmine Flower
Yasna It means white rose in arabic.
Yassaman The flower Jasmin.
Yelda Dark night
Yumna Good fortune, success.
Yusayrah Easy. One of the first two swear allegiance (bayah) to the Prophet (S.A.W) among the Ansar (but it is also said that she was among the Muhajirs (Emigrants).
Yusra Prosperous
Yusur Prosperous.


Za'nyah Beautiful, unique.
Zaahirah Guest.
Zaara Beautiful Flower.
Zaeemah Leader
Zafeerah Firm.
Zafirah Victorious.
Zafreen Victorious, Knowledgable.
Zahabiya Gold.
Zahara Flower, beauty, star.
Zaheen Intelligent.
Zaheerah Helper, Assistant.
Zahidah Abstinent.
Zahira Blossoming flower.
Zahirah Obvious.
Zahra Beautiful.
Zahraa Lady of Jannah.
Zahrah Beauty, the planet venus.
Zaid Growth, Increase.
Zaida She was a very devoted worshipper about whose worship the Prophet (S.A.W) also learnt; she was the freed slave of Sayyidina Umar bin al-Khattab
Zaina Beautiful
Zairah Visitor.
Zaiton Olive.
Zakia Beautiful, intellegent.
Zakirah One who remembers Allah regularly.
Zakiyah Intelligent
Za'nyah Beautiful, unique.
Zaahirah Female Guest.
Zaara Beautiful Flower.
Zaeemah Leader
Zafeerah Firm.
Zafirah Victorious.
Zafreen Victorious, Knowledgable.
Zahabiya Gold.
Zahara Flower, beauty, star.
Zaheen Intelligent.
Zaheerah Helper, Assistant.
Zahidah Abstinent.
Zahira Blossoming flower.
Zahirah Obvious.
Zahra Beautiful.
Zahraa Lady of Jannah.
Zahrah Beauty, the planet venus.
Zaid Growth, Increase.
Zaida She was a very devoted worshipper about whose worship the Prophet (S.A.W) also learnt; she was the freed slave of Sayyidina Umar bin al-Khattab.
Zaina Beautiful
Zairah Visitor.
Zaiton Olive.
Zakia Beautiful, intellegent
Zakirah One who remembers Allah regularly.
Zakiyah Intelligent.
Zeenat Gorgeous.
Zehna Beautiful.
Zehra Flower.
Zenia lower.
Zerina Princess, Smart, Inteligent.
Zhalay Dew.
Zia Light, Splendid.
Zinah Beauty.
Zineta Beautiful ornament.
Zinneerah Name of a sahabiah.
Ziyan Beauty, ornament. From Zeenat.
Zoeya Life.
Zoha Light.
Zoharin Dawn, light of day
Zohha Hope, Shining light.
Zohra Venus, jewels of sky.
Zohura Beautiful, innocent and caring.
Zonira Precious Stone, Expensive Jewel.
Zorah Dawn.
Zoufishan Moonlight
Zoya Loving & caring.
Zoya Alive, life and joyous.
Zubaria Blooming flower.
Zubash Silver.
Zubaydah This was the name of the daughter of Jafar Mansoor and the wife of Khalifah Haroon Rasheed.
Zubdah Butter.
Zubi Loving and understanding.
Zuhaira Courage.
Zuharah Planet Venus.
Zuhayra Courage.
Zuhera Name of a planet.
Zuhra A star's name, brilliance.
Zuhrah Brilliance.
Zuhur Flowers.
Zulaykha She was a narrator of Hadith.
Zulekha Brilliant beauty.
Zulfa First part of the night.
Zulfah Nearness, closeness.
Zumzum Sweet water of paradise.
Zunairah Flower found in paradise.
Zynah Beautiful.
Zyva Brightness, radiant, splendor.



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